November 2, 2016


November 2, 2016


Lesson # 9: “The Seventh Commandment – Protecting Your Neighbor’s Possessions” p. 22-23.

Goal: To create an in-depth understanding of the Seventh Commandment and understand the spiritual dimension of caring for our neighbors.


Begin with devotion, “The Evangelist and the Post Office” from More Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks” by Wayne Rice and prayer

            Purpose: To help students realize we don’t find Jesus but that He finds us!

Go over Scripture questions due for today from Genesis 2:15 – 4:25

            Purpose: To familiarize youth with their Bibles and encourage them to feed

                        on the Word of God

Complete Bible study on the 6th Commandment together

            This is a thorough teaching on this topic which includes great Biblical


Video – “God Is Closer Than You Think” (optional)                         



Workbook:  Complete lesson #10 p. 24-25 entitled, “The Eighth Commandment – Protecting Your Neighbor’s Reputation.” Read each question carefully and answer to the best of your ability.                                                                                    


Memory Work: Review the books of the New Testament from Matthew through Philippians.

Memorize the Eighth Commandment and the meaning [see pink box on pg. 24]

Scripture Assignment: Read Genesis 2:15 through Gen. 4:25 and write out the answers to the questions on the next page.                                                           



Date assignment due: November 9, 2016

Name: _____________________                            Date: __________________


Genesis 5:1-32

According to these verses, how long did Adam live?



With whom does the genealogy start in chapter 5 and with whom does it end? (Genealogy is a written record of a family tree)



What does Lamech say when he has his son Noah?



Do you believe people could have lived as long as Scripture says they lived in chap. 5? Why or why not?



Genesis 6:1-8

Who saw that the daughters of man were attractive?



Who were the Nephilim? (See study footnote also for 6:4)



Why was the Lord sorry that He had made the earth?  Who found favor with God?                                                                                                   



Read Genesis 6:9-22

What does vs. 9 tell us about the character of Noah?



Why did God determine that the people on earth and almost all living things had to be destroyed?



Did God provide details on how to build the ark?  Please give a couple examples.



Who was to be on the ark with Noah?




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