November 9, 2016


November 9, 2016


Lesson # 10: “The Seventh Commandment – Protecting Your Neighbor’s Possessions” p. 24-25.

Goal: To create an in-depth understanding of the Eighth Commandment and understand the spiritual dimension of protecting our neighbor’s reputation.


Begin with devotion, “Crazy for Jesus” from Jesus Freaks by dc Talk and the Voice of the Martyrs.

            Purpose: To help students realize the suffering that others go through for their faith and to appreciate our faith all the more.

Go over Scripture questions due for today from Genesis 5:1 – 6:22

            Purpose: To familiarize youth with their Bibles and encourage them to feed

                        on the Word of God

Review lesson #10 on the 8th Commandment  

            Complete puzzle on the Eighth Commandment

Video – “Watch 1/3 of the “Luther” movie with study sheet

            Purpose: Students will develop a greater appreciation for the Reformation

            and one of its’ most important leaders, Martin Luther – complete study




Workbook:  Complete lesson #11 p. 26-27 entitled, “The Ninth and Tenth Commandments – Being Content.” Read each question carefully and answer to the best of your ability.            

Memory Work: Review the books of the New Testament from Colossians through Revelation.

Memorize the Ninth Commandment and the meaning [see purple box on pg. 26]

Scripture Assignment: Read Genesis 7:1 through Gen. 8:22 and write out the answers to the questions on the next page.                                                           




Date assignment due: November 16, 2016

Name: _____________________                            Date: __________________


Genesis 7:1-16

Why did God say that Noah was able to go into the ark? (see vs. 1)



How long would it take for it to start raining and how long would it rain?



How old was Noah when the flood came?  Do you think it is strange that he would be this old? Why or why not?



Who shut Noah and his family in the ark?



Genesis 7:17 - 8:12

Did the waters cover the mountains?  How deep were the waters compared to the mountaintops?



How long did the waters prevail on the earth?



What did God do to make the waters subside?                               



Where did the ark come to rest?



How did Noah know that the waters had subsided on the earth?



Genesis 8:13-22

What day was it when God told Noah to leave the ark?



What was the first thing that Noah did after he got off the ark?



What does God say about the intentions of a man’s heart?



What does God promise to do regarding any future floods?


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