October 5, 2016


October 5, 2016


Lesson # 5: “The Third Commandment – Worshipping God,” p. 14-15

Goal: To create an in-depth understanding of the Second and Third



Begin with devotion describing that truth is a “who” and the who is Jesus

            Purpose: To reinforce a Christian worldview

Briefly go over Scripture questions due for today from 1 John 4:1-12

            Purpose: To familiarize youth with their Bibles and encourage them to feed

                        on the Word of God

Review lesson #5 stressing the importance of worshipping together

            Exercise presenting different real-life scenarios of why people do not go

                        to church – brainstorm together

Complete fill-in worksheet from last week on Second Commandment from

            book “Free to Be”

            Word search on the names of God (optional)

See video from “The Unshakeable Truth” series on God’s Kingdom

            Purpose – to understand the difference between the Kingdom of Satan and

                        the Kingdom of God


Field Trip: Discussion and definition of what a “memorial” is and how worship is different – we don’t remember only what people who died have done but we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord and the fact that He is living! (This reinforces the 3rd Commandment)



Workbook:  Complete lesson #6, p. 16-17 entitled, “The Fourth Commandment – Respecting God’s Representatives.” Read each question carefully and answer to the best of your ability.

Memory Work: Review the books of the Old Testament from Genesis through 2 Kings.

Memorize the Fourth Commandment and the meaning [see purple box on pg. 17]

Scripture Assignment: Read 1 John 4:13 through 5:12 and write out the answers to the questions on the next page.              


Date assignment due: October 12, 2016

Name: _____________________                            Date: __________________


1John 4:13-21

What has God given to those who abide in Him?



What happens to the person who confesses that Jesus is the Son of God?



How does v17 say we can approach judgment when we have a relationship with God?



According to v18, what do we not have to worry about if we have love?



What are we told that leads to fear?



What is the commandment that the Lord gives us?



Day 4: Read 1 John 5:1-5

How do we know that we love the children of God?                                     



According to v4, what happens to those who are born of God?



What is the victory that has overcome the world?



Read 1John 5:6-12

How did Jesus Christ come?



What are the three things that testify?



When we don’t believe God what do we make Him?



What do we have when we have the Son?


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