Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized on March 23, 1922.  The church constitution was written by neighboring Lutheran pastors.  Early services were held in the Seventh Day Baptist Church.

On June 25, 1923, the congregation voted to build a church.  The new building was dedicated on June 15, 1924.  The parsonage was located next door. 

In January of 1945, the congregation purchased the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Sprague to be used as a parsonage.

The congregation continued to grow and on January 17, 1954, the members voted to build a new church building.  It was completed and dedicated in April 1958.

In April of 1965 it was decided to build a new parsonage.  This home was located south of the church.  The new parsonage was dedicated in December of 1966.

In 1997 we celebrated 75 years of Grace at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church.  We thank God for His many blessings as we were organizing, building places of of worship and finding pastors to serve us.  May He continue to shower His many blessings upon us as our church family continues to grow with love and concern for one another in the family of God.

The pastors serving Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church:

Rev. Raymond E. Springer       1923-1925

Rev. L.R. Shawkey     1925-1927

Rev. Calvin T. Risch    1927-1929

Rev. R.M. Ground     1929-1938

Rev. Werner Stuck     1938-1944

Rev. Harry Boyer     1944-1953

Rev. Alvin Stein     1953-1962

Rev. Daniel Snider     1962-1979

Rev. Patrick Kelly     1979-1984

Rev. Paul Bergdall (Interim)     1984-1985

Rev. Thomas Frey     1985-1994

Rev. Brian Nunnally     1988-1990

Rev. Roger McQuistion     1991-1993

Rev. Glen E. Clauser (Interim)     1993-1995

Rev. Linda Skelly (Interim)     1993-1995

Rev. Dennis R. King     1995-2004

Rev. Janice Campbell     1998-2005  

Rev. Keeran Darcy (Interim)     2005-2007

Rev. Kent Hollis     2007-2016

Rev. Patti Morlock (Interim)     2016-2017

Rev. Cathi Braasch (Interim)   2017-2019

Rev. Bert Schultz       2019-

Rev. Shelly Schultz     2019-

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